Chem 101 Lab (Terry Lu)

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Chem 101 Lab (Terry Lu)

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Chem 101 Lab (Terry Lu)

Chem 101 Lab Report Guide
Fall 2014 Laboratory Information
Introduction Fall 2014
Example of Conclusion Format

Lab 1- Sugar in Consumer Products
Lab 1 Slides

Lab 2- Experiment, Accuracy, Precision
Lab 2 Slides
Lab 2 Questions

Lab 3- Isotopes Worksheet
Lab 3 Slides- Prenotes, Pennies

Lab 4-Testing Cations and Anions
Lab 4 Slides- PreNotes What is the Testtube

Lab 5- Decomposition Problems
Lab 5- Percentage of Oxygen in KCLO3

Lab 6- Naming Covalent Compounds
Lab 6 Slides- PreLab Notes-Limiting Reagents

Lab 7- Concentration Molarity Problems
Lab 7- Beers Law Prenotes

Lab 8 (Final Lab- Problems for Acid/Base Reactions Lab
Lab 8 Slides
Lab 8 Slides- Titration
Lab 8- Extra Problems Acid/Base Titration

Final Exam Lab Review


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