How to Use Google Drive

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How to Use Google Drive Empty How to Use Google Drive

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:06 pm

1. You need to have a gmail account!
2. Go to the control panel (typically in the right corner of the screen with all the little squares)
3. Click the Drive.
4. Upload a file by clicking the red and white button with the arrow pointing up on the right side of the screen.
5. Choose your file.
6. Once it is uploaded click the share button.
7. This is IMPORTANT. Make sure that you change the all who can view it to "Everyone with the link!"
8. Copy the link to share!
9. Return to this website.
10. Sign in using the username and password.
11. Learn how to post on this site by clicking on the How To Post Thread.

**If you have multiple documents for a specific subject, please try to post them all in a single post/reply, and remember to label each document so that everyone knows what it is!
**In order to post a topic, reply, or be able to view the links, you must be signed into the formation website.


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