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How to Post On Forumotion Empty How to Post On Forumotion

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:04 pm

1. Click on the specific subject you have a document to post in. If you do not see your subject, add it to the Other Subjects not listed.
2. Click New Topic to post a new topic, if you do not see the course number of that specific class. (ie. There is Pyschology 101 and 102 listed but not Psychology 201)
3. Type your title, which will be the specific class you are posting about.(Class number)
* If the course number already exists, just click the link and click reply if you have something new to add to someone else's post.
4.Remember to title the document you are linking in the body.
5. To link a Google Document, click the silver and green button that looks like a chain (to the left of the YouTube button).It has a green circle and a plus sign in it.
6. Paste the URL for you google document into the URL slot and type the title of this document in the description.
7. Hit insert.


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